Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are Clydesdales like?

A. Clydesdales are well known as gentle giants, they have been specifically bred over the last couple of hundred years for their soundness and temperament. Clydesdales are very affectionate and willing to please, this makes them a pleasure to own and work.

Q. Which horses can be registered with the Clydesdale Society?

A. The Clydesdale Horse Soceity of New Zealand has a closed stud book, this means that only progeny from registered parents are eligible to be registered.

Q. What are Clydesdales used for nowadays?

A. Due to the versatility of the breed, Clydesdales are used throughout New Zealand for movie set work, wagon rides, logging, cultivation, feeding out, ploughing, haymaking, showing, breeding, and riding.

Q. What do Clydesdales eat?

A. Clydesdales in New Zealand are primarily fed on grass and hay, they also enjoy hard feed, fruit and vegetables. The average Clydesdale would eat a similar amount to a cow.

Q. How tall are Clydesdales?

A. The average Clydesdale tends to be 16.1hh - 17.1hh (The height is taken from the ground to the base of the neck, with 1 hand equal to 10cm).

Q. How strong are Clydesdales?

A. A mature trained and fit horse can pull 1 ton using iron tyres on grass, or 2 - 3 ton using rubber tyres on grass.

Q. How much work can a fit Clydesdale do in a day?

A. Clydesdales are expected to walk 5km/h and to work 8 hours a day. A team can plough an acre an hour or harrow 40 acres per day.

Q. How many Clydesdales are in New Zealand?

A. The exact number is unknown but it is estimated that there are 750 registered horses.

Q. What benefits do Clydesdale Horse Society of New Zealand members enjoy?

A. The society has approximately 200 members and is a great way to meet other Clydesdale enthusiast. All members receive our "Clydesdale Tribune" magazine. This magazine is delivered free to all members at least once a year. All members enjoy reduced fees when registering Clydesdale horses. All members are eligible to vote at our AGM. All members are invited to attend our yearly Field Day following the AGM. Members are permitted to register a prefix to be used when naming registered horses e.g. a "Golden Valley" prefix could then be used as follows "Golden Valley Lucy". All members are permitted access to our "members section" within this website. Join Now